The Gnomes of Bryl have little in common with their Fey cousins. Aside from the lack of Arcane magic on Bryl, they are also physically very different. They live in the West of the continent, in the Silverwood Forest, and on the Gnomyn Lakes and The Great Plain. In order to protect themselves first during The Great Wars, and later from the demons and fiends of the rift, the Gnomes retreated into these natural environments and adapted to them. Due to the complete separation of these tribes of Gnomes, there are now three different Gnome races – the Forest Gnomes, the Lake Gnomes and the Plains Gnomes (fittingly). Though the Gnomes are now split in three physically and culturally, they stick together as a whole in times of trouble, such as fighting as one nation during The Great Wars. Also, the Plains Gnomes and Forest Gnomes tend to stick to themselves, and often rely upon the Lake Gnomes and their slightly less solitary lifestyles to trade and treatise with the other peoples of Bryl. Each of the races of Gnomes has different traits, bonuses and cultures:

-Forest Gnomes

-Lake Gnomes

-Plains Gnomes

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